THE Bally/Astrocade FAQ

Version h2.9

Created by Lance F. Squire 6/3/95 Updated 6/29/2006
Much Info taken from Arcadian news letters 11/5/82 to 10/31/84.

"BALLY is a registered trademark of Bally Manufacturing Corporation."
"Bally Manufacturing Corporation and ASTROCADE, INC. are distinct and unrelated companies"
(From Astrocade box)


Do Not use on a rug. Do Not block the vents on the bottom of your unit. If the unit misbehaves or the screen goes Black & white, Turn the Power off IMMEDIATELY! Allow unit to cool.
The Bally/Astrocade is prone to overheating.


  1. Thanks
  2. What is a Bally/Astrocade
  3. System Specifications
  4. Computer expansion
  5. Hardware & add-ons List
  6. Cassettridge/tape List
  7. Games on tape, slow and clunky?
  8. Connecting to a Composite monitor
  9. Joystick rewiring (Bally/Atari)
  10. Bally/Astro Basic
  11. Publications of note
  12. People of Note
  13. Sources of Bally/Astrocade Stuff
  14. Ads
  15. Packaging
  16. Cart label variation
  17. Unit label variation
  18. Unit Bottom label variation
  19. Links to other Bally/Astrocade sites
  20. Closing

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