System Box Variation

Bally Library Computer With Original Box and Shipping outer Box

Bally Home Library Computer

Thanks to this picture from Dan (dr)

It seems that the 'Home Library' (BL-1200) units were shipped in the 'Pro Arcade' (BPA-1x00) boxes.

Bally Professional Arcade

Retail box for the Bally Professional arcade.

Although Most Bally era systems were sold in this box, Some Astrovision units may also be found. (They had to clear stock.)

I've never seen THAT varied a crowd in an arcade. :)

Astrovision box

Mostly contain "Bally/Computer System" labeled units. However "Bally/Professional Arcade" labeled units can be found.

(Again clearing stock)


Simular to the Astrovision box.

"Bally" replaced with 'script' Astrocade and pictured unit has an "Astrocade(script font on white) Professional Arcade" label. Simular to "Bally/Professional Arcade" label.

I have never seen this label on any released machines, Only the "Astrocade" Pixel font label. (Simular to 'arcade' on box.)

"Bally/Computer System" or "Astrocade" labeled systems found inside.